Sunday, March 26, 2006


Loving Grapevine

We have been really lax about updating this with playlists and whatnot.
But here's the scoop -- we haven't done too much on WMUH asides from fill-ins during breaks. There are definitely some playlists I'd love to have archived on here that were not posted.
But, asides that--we have been pretty busy in our daily lives.
As for myself (Zeke, updating this) -- I've been working at a small non-profit that is tightly wrapped in with the community it serves. It is both a great and demanding position, and I'm enjoying the experience.

Things I'm thinking of at the top of my head--

In music news-- Thanks to WFMU , Zach was able to go to the No Fun Fest in Brooklyn last weekend and I do believe he had a fun time (oh, the irony!)
--I was sick all of this past week and I passed on the fun to members of my family.
--Popeye's fried chicken is something you should not eat when sick.
--W.E.B. Dubois
-- 2 of my current fave honest, hard working bands, Pissed Jeans and Oxford Collapse have just signed to Sub Pop meaning that that label is now a kazillion times awesomer than when it was releasing the Fruit Bats and Damien Jurardo just a year or two ago.
-- the Democrats (by and large) not standing up for what is right. Yeah, I'm talking about censure among many other things. But then again, this is nothing new.
-- and finally --

this blog for all of you New Zealand music fans. I named the title of this thread after the Jean Paul Sartre Experience song of the same name. It is making me think Spring!
Enjoy and download the mix!

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