Friday, July 29, 2005


Playlist for 7/22/05

WMUH 91.7 FM
Allentown, Pa
(n)= new
(r)= request
* = Texas band/performer (for this show only)

Negativland -- downloading-- no business -- seeland
Bobby Soxx * -- learn to hate in the 80s -- v/a: Bloodstains Across Texas
The Fanatics * -- I Will Not Be Lonely -- v/a: Acid Visions Vol. 2 Best of 60s Texas Punk and Psychedelia
(n)Pissed Jeans -- boring girls -- shallow (Allentown's own!)
Jean Paul Sartre Experience -- loving grapevine -- love songs -- flying nun (gosh darn, I love New Zealand bands.)
Johnny Ace * -- I'm crazy -- Memorial Album -- Duke
I Marc 4 -- mato grosso -- i solisti di armando trovajali lp (60s-70s Italian library band. This cut was funky and spacey)
U-DWI Peoples Paraphernilia -- terrible train -- 45
Jorge Ben -- take it easy my brother charlie -- s/t lp (1969 og press. Found tons of brasilian lps this past week at a thrift-- on half-off day to boot! This was one of them)
Green on Red -- Lost World -- s/t 12" - down there
(n) Kinski -- the wives of artie shaw -- alpine static -- sub pop
Scratch Acid * - greatest gift -- 12" ep Rabid
Charizma -- here's a smirck -- big shots
Outter Limmitt -- in the groove -- 12"
(n) The Juan Maclean -- tito's way -- less than human -- dfa
The Slits -- frequent mutilation -- cut
Citizen FIsh -- feeding -- thirst -- lookout!
(n) Coyote -- sugar -- split 12" ep w/ bottom of the hill
Daddie and the Hodads -- surfing is my life -- my son, the surf nut lp (should be called, "my dad, the surf nut. found this one in texas -- near corpus christi, where my dad was a surf nut -- probably and most definitely during the time he was a surfing nut. it's too bad all of my brothers -- including myself-- screwed up his several surf boards. when that happened, that drove him nuts... that's my dad -- the surf nut!)
(R) Silkworm -- scruffy tumor -- even a blind chicken finds a kernel
Silkworm -- penalty box -- it'll be cool (RIP Michael Dahlquist)
No Trend -- teen love -- 12" ep

Notes --
Silkworm's impressive drummer, Michael Dahlquist -- had been kiled by a deranged, suicidal woman who ran her car into him. He, along with two other Chicago musicians while on lunch break from thier place of employment. A shame. WPRB's Jon Solomon, did a really fitting tribute to him and Silkworm this past week. They put out some material on Jon's label -- My Pal God - and I'm sure, as he had been living in Chicago for quite some time, it hit home. I offer my condolences to many in the loss of this man.
Silkworm were a band that brings back a lot of good memories for me. And I'm sure many attest to that. The two songs were dedicated in memory of Michael Dahlquist. My only wish is that I could have played my favorite Silkworm tune, "Couldn't you Wait?"
That will have to wait for a future program.

-- we started playing some of our "classic faves" on this show. As my brother and I will be less frequent to WMUH in the upcoming months, we thought it would be good to play some of our favorite /quasi-regular rotation songs. We never like to overkill/overplay songs on our radio show -- thinking that our listeners prefer to share in the aural experience of an unexpected listen. But some songs deserve the extra attention. This week included No Trend, Green on Red and Charizma.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Back from Texas

Zach and I had a fun time in South Texas visiting family. It reached 100+ degrees everyday, but thanks to the dry nature of that region, it didn't seem so oppressive. However, a strong hurricane might just pass through that area very soon -- which would be perhaps the only one in that area since the early 1970s. Though they could use some rain, this could potentially be dangerous-- I hope it isn't.
Of course, we did manage to find some new goodies that were found in different towns and cities such as Corpus Christi, Kingsville (home of the famous King Ranch), Refugio, Victoria, El Campo. The Texas Coastal Bend and expansive flatland, big sky, brushy wilderness that helped a corrupt Lyndon B. Johnson take his first role as public official was the area that made for some excellent rock and roll, Mexican American Soul, and the oft-discussed Border Radio stations that NPR hosts seem to discuss a lot-- We will be spotlighting some of the aforementioned this week on the radio show.
So, please tune in if you can to WMUH this friday from Noon-2pm.
I also have to take time out and say that it will be a shame to lose our friend and fellow wmuh dj Tony ( ), who will be moving at the end of this week to start a new chapter as an educator at a University in North Carolina. A very warm, intelligent and genuine person; he has also continued to wow the both of us with his radio show -- which was the closest equivalent to an on-air dance party i can think of!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Playlist for July 1st 12-2pm 91.7 fm WMUH Allentown

(R)= Request
(N)Negativland -- Favorite things -- No Business
Saccharine Trust -- I have... -- pagan icons -- sst
(N) Vague Angels ---- (untitled??) -- in truth loved (the 7th chapter? -- to the Chris Leo novel White Pigeons as performed by the fictitious band the Breaks. I haven't yet read all of it. Chris was right. It's pretty sleazy. But entertaining and enthralling nonetheless... )
Pram -- crystal tips -- Sargasso Sea
Alvin Cash and the Registers -- You shot me through the grease -- Twine Time (early 60s greasy r&b)
Snuff -- i see/h.m. trout --
Pulsallama -- the devil lives in my husband's body -- 12"
Marion Brown -- rhythm 1 -- Duets (w/ leo smith recorded live 1970 in Paris)
Cluster -- live in der fabrik -- cluster II -- metronome
Oxes -- bees win -- Oxxxes - -Monitor
DJ Red Alert -- 900 Number/On the Run -- We Can Do This lp
Low -- transmission (joy division cover)
Fire Engines -- new thing in cortins -- aufgeladen und bereit fur actundspass lp (rough trade)
(N) Eyeball Skeleton -- cyclops girls -- #1 -- my pal god (the boys from Mayo Elementary are at the top of thier game with this one)
Bastro -- tallow waters -- bastro diabloguapo
The Headcoats -- i want you to come into my life -- v/a: Groin Thunder: A Tribute to the Troggs
Ansel Collins -- Night flight -- v/a: King Kong Compilation -- Trojan
Mark Lane -- das nicht (factory) -- who's really listening? (an unearthed gem from the stacks at WMUH. this one reminds me of a mixture of Kraftwerk TEE/Computer World styled electro with a sort of early Fad Gadget delivery)
(N/Request) Iali Puna -- together in electric dreams (Giorgio Moroder cover) -- I thought i was over that
Flipper -- ever felt -- generic flipper
Leaving Trains --
David Cunningham -- Bolivia -- Grey Scale -- Piano
Landscape -- computer person -- to the hell holes of uranus -- (yet another unearthed classic found in the stacks at wmuh)

This episode marks the final one for a few weeks. Right now... we are on the road, traveling to Texas.


Playlist for June 23rd

Negativland --- Snuggles -- fair use
(N) Out Hud -- It's for you -- let us never speak of it again -- kranky
Man Parrish -- hip hop be-bop, don't stop -- 12" -- sugarscoop
Yambu -- sunny -- s/t lp
Weldon Irvine -- love your brother -- cosmic vortex (justice divine)
DJ Dangermouse -- top billin' (Audio Two/Air mix) -- 12"
The Electric Eels -- cyclotron -- eyeball of hell (discography)
Basquiat w/ Coati Mundi -- Palabras Con Ritmo -- Downtown 81 (Soundtrack)
Bob Reigle -- The Marriage of Heaven and Hell -- "" -- (self-released lp named after the painting of the same name by Max Ernst. Line-up includes some of Ornette Coleman's line-up during the latter 70s/early 80s if I am not mistaken. Played around 11 minutes as an excerpt from about a 17 minute song )
The Tights -- bad hearts -- v/a: Cherry Red Records Punk Singles Series
Serge Gainsbourg --
(N) Lowlights -- The one I love is you -- v/a: Little darla has a treat for you volume 23 or 24 (man...the prolfic little darla compilations)
X Ray Spex -- I live off you -- germ free adolescence lp (what is Poly Styrene up to these days?)
The Opposite Six -- I'll be gone -- 45
Minutemen -- Mutiny in Jonestown -- What Makes a Man Start Fires? -- SST
(N) Teenage Fanclub -- it's all in my mind -- man made -- Merge
Big Youth -- Jah Man of Syreen
The Aesthetics --
Lothar and The Hand People -- today is my only yesterday -- Space Hymn (lothar was the name of the theremin they used. the hand people was the band, another psych pop gem of the 60s/early 70s --- )
Marcel -- give it to me -- 12" (Self released disco 12". I found three copies of this record. One was autographed by Marcel himself. Marcel was from NYC and looks sort of like Erik Estrada of CHiPs fame with a more Bohannon-esque flava to him. He doesn't sing however. He has an incredible diva that sings this dance floor number)
The Feathers -- trying to get to you - 45
Kool and the Gang -- get on it -- s/t lp (thier first!)
100 Flowers -- our fall out -- 100 years of Pultchritude

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