Thursday, January 12, 2006


WMUH Playlist for 12/27/05 - 4-6pm

wmuh allentown
muhlenberg college

Squirrel Bait -- the final chapter -- s/t
The Gories -- house rockin'
Einstein's Riceboys -- soda jerk --s/t lp
Luis Agudo --- from afrosamba lp
A-KO -- from 'Breakbeatraer' 12" ep compilation put out by
Calico Wail -- I'm a living sickness -- v/a: Psychedelic Unknowns 2x7"
The Heptones -- I Hold the Handle -- Best of the Heptones lp
Black Sheep -- The Choice is Yours -- 12"
Ana Y Jaime -- love story -- s/t
Letta Mbula -- pula yetla -- David Axelrod 1967-70 Capitol Years
Primitive Calculators -- beat goes on -- s/t
Victor Lundberg -- an open letter to my teenage son -- an open letter... lp
Klein & MBO -- dirty talk -- s/t lp
(N) Fire Engines -- discord (peel session) -- Codex Teenage Premonition
Bakersfield Boogie Boys -- get off my cloud -- s.t (rhino put this out back in 1980--think Devo, Flying Lizards and Silicon Teens)
Candid Telefun -- hate card --(Candid Telefun was a Harold Flender doing prank calls back in the early 60s--here he asks unsuspecting ladies that work at a greeting card store if they have any "hate cards". he is searching for a "Drop Dead Card" to give a guy who is making eyes at his girl.)
Robyn Hitchcock - meat - black snake diamond role ep
(N) The Ex - new wars -- singles period 1980-90
(N) The Professionals - a part of being with you -- v/a: cult cargo: belize city boil up -- numero group (Happened to actually find the original Professionals 2 x lp this came out on a couple of months ago, right before this comp came out. If you can get your hands on it -- get it--or at the very least--get this comp!)
Chandra -- opposite -- 12" (NY No-Wave featuring one of the guys from Material paired up with a young teen girl. really interesting and incredibly danceable. have no idea why this one isn't talked about.)
(N)A-Frames - police 1000 -- 7"
Ivy Green -- why not tonite -- s/t lp
(N)Maximum Joy - searching for a feeling -- unlimited (79-83)
Buari -- karam bawi -- 45
(N) American Analog Set - born on the cusp - set free
Embrace -- end of a year -- lp (wrapping up our year in radio that was 2005)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


12/23/05 Holiday Radio Show!!!

10am-noon WMUH Allentown

Esquivel -- Space Age Bachelor Pad Christmas -- Esquivel XMas
Clarance Carter - Back Door Santa
The Damned - there ain't no sanity clause -- punk rock xmas
Kids of CPH - O Come All Ye Faithful (mp3 --wfmu blog-- kids from the Children's Psychiatric Hospital at U of Michigan)
Suicide -- hey lord -- A Christmas Record (Ze Records)
Emperor Penguin -- Erotic Xmas (Home for the Holograms) - My Pal God Holiday Record Vol. 2
Treacherous Three -- Christmas Rap
The Fall -- No Xmas for John Quays -- Live at the Witch Trials
Rebecca Gates -- 12/31 v/a: My Pal God Holiday Record Vol. 2
Ghetto Reality -- I Want -- s/t (Folkways)
Darlene Love - Marshmallow World -- v/a: Phil Spector's Christmas ALbum
The Sonics -- Santa Clause
Otis Redding -- Merry Christmas Baby
Mike Nichols & Elaine May -- Merry Christmas Doctor -- Examine Doctors
Mikado -- Message de Noel -- v/a: Ghosts of Christmas Past (Remake)(Factory records/les disques du crepescule)
Bob & Doug McKenzie -- 12 Days of Christmas-- Great White North (really rick moranis & some other guy from sctv)
El Vez -- feliz navi nada -- v/a: Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus (and also can be found on the Punk Rock XMas album)
Screamin' Jay Hawkins -- It's Christmas -- A Midnite XMas Record (Midnite Records)
Sweet Tee -- Let the jingle bells rock -- v/a: Christmas Rap
Ramones -- Merry Christmas, I Don't Want to fight tonight -- PR Xmas
Junior Varsity -- don't believe in christmas --- v/a: kindercore christmas vol. 2
Star Wars Cast -- R2D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas -- Christmas in the Stars--A Star Wars Christmas (featuring a young Jon Bon Jovi---credited as Jon Bongiovi)
Allen Ginsberg -- XMas Gift -- the lion for real
John Fahey -- Bells of Saint Mary's -- John Fahey Christmas Guitar VOl. 1
The Dickies -- Silent Night --Punk Rock Xmas
Cabaret Voltaire -- invocation -- v/a: Ghosts of Christmas Past (remake) (factory/les disques du crepescule)
Man or Astroman? -- frosty the snowman --v/a: happy b-day, baby jesus (sympathy for the record industry)
Ghetto Reality -- Virgin Mary --s/t (folkways)
Impressions -- long long winter
The Ventures -- Christmas album

This was a very enjoyable program to do. We accidentaluy left the 1st vol. of the My Pal God Holiday Record--so none of the classics such as Crucial Youth, The goblins, etc.

At any rate -- here are some notes regarding the above photos --.
I have mentioned them before on this blog. They are perhaps most known for the song 'James Brown'. From around 1970. They were inncer city schoolchildren from Rochester, NY. Their teacher--Nancy Dupree co-wrote the songs with the kids.Folkways put out the lp, but it is a very rare find. The record has a number of Christmas related songs on it--and they are fantastic.

NPR recently did a spotlight on this genre of young children doing soulful tunes from that era--known as "Kid Funk", a compilation that has recently come out--and here is the link to that story so you can listen in --

V/A: Ghosts of Christmas Past (Remake)
Factory Records had a co-existing label in Belgium they funded called Les Disques Du Crepescule. They put out a number of holiday records in the early-80s. A lot of the Factory post-punk bands/and related bands were on these compilations.
We played Mikado and Cabaret Voltaire--but this outstanding record includes Durutti Column, Tuxedomoon, The Names, Paul Haig, The French Impressionists, etc. Found that record in a small ghost town near San Marcos, Texas --an odd spot to find such a thing--but I'm glad I found it before the hot sun warped it!
The flip-side artwork on this lp has the three stylized wisemen --one of which is carrying a Devo-styled Energy Dome to the young baby with the halo.

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