Tuesday, April 12, 2005


What do I have up my sleeve? One Playlist!

I was hoping to find more playlists (there was three during the Spring Break)-- but alas, I have only found one -- And what's more-- there was no date listed! So, I call this Mid-March Playlist #3.

(N)Scritti Politti -- 28/8/78 -- early -- Rough Trade
Cranium -- you pretend that you depend...-- Another music for another Kitchen -- Slowdime
Tornadoes-- chasing moombeams -- telstar: the sounds of the tornadoes
Bohemain Vendetta-- I want to touch your heart --- 45 -- Mainstream
(N)Ted Leo/Pharmacists -- Six months on a leaky boat --- Mp3 stolen from itunes
Nervebreakers -- I Confess --v/a: Tales from the Edge
(N) Sole -- A Typical--live in rome
John Benson Brooks Trio --- satan takes... -- Avant Slant (One plus 1= II?A twelve-tone collage) lp
Sunny and the Sunliners-- every week, every month,every year-- 45
(N) LCD Soundsystem -- toomuchtone-- s/t
100 Flowers -- Sensible Virgin -- EP -- Happy squid
The Hook -- you turn your head -- s/t (or otherwise known as "THE HOOK ..WILL GRAB YOU")
Sham 69-- if the kids are united (live) --- sham 69 live -- dojo
(N)The Evens-- around the corner
Los Microwaves --- Home Alone-- life after breakfast
(N) Retisonic -- cooling card-- v/a: until the shaking stops: A tribute to Jawbox
X Clan --f.t.p. -- 12"
Plus Instruments -- bodies -- v/a: Dokument-- Ten Highlights in history of Popular Music -- 1981-1982
(N)The Weegs -- Realize-- v/a: Golden Grouper Vol.1(GSL)
Happy People -- happy people -- v/a: amuck (pheonix , az. groups from the early 80s)
(N) The Bell Rays --- ---- red, white, and black --- alternative tentacles
Public Enemy -- show em whatcha got-- it takes a nation of millions to hold us back (in tribute to the tribute)
(N) Dressy Bessy -- hey may --/va: a house full of friends
Francoise Hardy -- vaspasprendreon tambour-- chante sessurces
Wagadu-- easy dancing-- 12"
Three Johns -- english white boy engineer -- some history
(N) Air Conditioning--live at no fun fest 7" (White Denim/White Tapes)

---Scritti Politti re-issue of all their early singles on rough trade and demos is solid! Please, do yourself a favor and pick this one up! It's before they went"pop",but man....can't stress enough how much this has been on my personal rotation lately. I have the 4 A-Sides 12", and this collection includes it all. I have to say though, they should have utilized the old artwork from some of the early singles, because the packaging sucks! Other than that however, this record is flawless.

---Ted Leo --great cover, but what is with the "itunes only" release? I love Ted, but come on.

---John Bensons Brooks Trio is a crazed collage of sound bites, poems, gags, "trippy" humor all with a free/avant jazz music backing it. I need to start putting up photos of some of myfavorite record covers on here--- because this is one of them!

---The Hook was an underrated 60s garage/psych group in the vein of Blue Cheer. I don't think their records go for all that much, but then again, I haven't seen many around. BUt if you do....

-- The Evens wins my spot for best new release. The record captures the intensity of their live performance.

-Cranium-- were a great DC artpunk group in themid-late 90s. They have morphed into Brooklyn's Gang Gang Dance. Don't let the name fool you -- they aren't "dance punk". Or at least, though they have all sorts of influences do not come across as the third-rate current crop like Bloc Party.

that's all for now.

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