Friday, January 14, 2005


get up and go to school ( a new semester dawns)

* = new release
R = request
v/a: various artists
Negativland -- Why is this commercial? --Dispepsi (Seeland)
Sods --- Television Sect-- v/a: Bloodstains across Denmark
Liliput/Kleenex (whichever name you prefer) --- You -- discography (Kill Rock Stars)
Ui ---Have a Good Time --- 12" ep (Soul Static Sound)
Madvillain -- Accordian -- Madvillainy (Stones Throw)
Gil Evans -- Nana --- Wher Flamingos Fly (Artists House)

Cockney Rejects --- The New Song -- Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Dojo)
The Embarrassment -- Podmen -- God Help Us (Bar None)
Ken Lazarus -- You're Gonna Need Somebody (45 -- Steady Records--Reggae Series)
*Boy Division -- Outdoor Miner (Wire cover) -- v/a: A Houseguests' Wish: Translations of Wire's "Outdoor Miner"
Slant 6-- LoveShock -- Soda Pop Rip-Off (Dischord)
Nikki Sudden & David Kudsworth: Jacobites-- Pin Your Heart to Me -- The Ragged School (Twin/Tone)
Mantronix -- Music Madness -- Music Madness

Francis Bebey -- Bissau -- Akwaabaa: Music for Sanza
Cluster/Brian Eno -- Taima Narki -- Old Land
Minimal Compact -- Introspection Nexda -- v/a: Dokument : Ten Highlights of 1981-1982 (Vinyl)
Loose Joints -- Pop Your Funk -- The World of Arthur Russell (Soul Jazz)
(R) Kraftwerk -- dentak -- The Mix (Unfortunately, this was the only Kraftwerk the station had--- sorry to the caller that requested this--)
*Pilot Scott Tracy -- Do it --- Any City (Alternative Tentacles-- new from Causey Way people)
Mark Robinson --- The Warm Series (Teenbeat)
3 --- Swan Street -- Dark Days Coming (Dischord)
* The Popular Shapes -- Song 2 --7" (White Denim --Allentown's own-- )
* The Organ -- A Sudden Death
Pookey Blow -- Get Up and Go to School -- v/a: The Third Unheard: Connecticut Hip-Hop (1979-1983) (Stones Throw)
Bad Bascomb -- I feel Like Dancing (45)
I'm Spartacus -- Donna is Distressed -- v/a: Beyond the Southern Cross : New Zealand and Austrailian Indie Recordings--1978-83-- more incredible post-punk from the lands down under)
Storm Bugs-- Eat Good beans -- Table Matters 7" (Loop. 1980)
Tall Dwarfs -- CRUSH --- Hello Cruel World (Homestead--- more music from New Zealand)

Show Highlights/Remarks---

Boy Division's cover of Wire's classic melodic cut, "Outdoor Miner", did not do the original justice. Well, outside of Flying Saucer Attack and maybe even Lush, most of the covers were pretty sad--this one was better than most. I will say it is admirable that someone is willing to make a compilation of just one Wire song. If I were forced to do such a thing, 'The 15th' by Wire, (who FISCHERSPOONER covered pretty well actually, on an otherwise dissapointing record of theirs--) would be the song for me.

Francis Bebey-- well, I picked up this album last week at Double Decker for 3 bucks. I sampled it at the store and was really excited about it. I went home and did a search for it and came up with Gregory B. Lyons' blog/playlists. Greg had a great show on WPRB Princeton called "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" , before he landed a job at a University in Switzerland. And he did this three hour show devoted to Bebey. You can read about it here . Scroll down a bit to March 7th, 2004 and read his insightful comments.
Also, a bit more interest on the subject of Bebey-- Just a few days later, I went to a thrift shop and found a cassette copy of a mix-tape of Bebey's work from various albums-- and also an interview from a New York City public radio station that I forget offhand. The interview was conducted sometime in the 90s, but before he passed away. It spotlights his vocal techniques and his playing of woodwind instruments and the thumb piano (mbira/swanza) . The interview is sadly cut short on the cassette tape.
But someone was telling me something. This was officially "Francis Bebey Week" here at Ruxpin HQ.

Storm Bugs -- were a sound collage/tape experiment group from the Uk circa 1980. They were Philip Sanderson and Steven Ball. They have a interesting website with a bio about them at --and also, they are fairly prolific installation/media artists--see and view thier works here -- and . I find it interesting to know that people that were working on such things 25 years ago are still at it today-- and that their artwork is actually pretty decent. I think I like this about people that came from the diy community-- that the attitude and aesthetic is something that people take with them.

Friday, January 07, 2005


finally found a new car

Radio Ruxpin Playlist 1/6/04 12-2 pm WMUH Allentown
* new release
v/a: -- various artists
(R) = request

Negativland -- You must respect copyright -- fair use -- seeland
Alice Coltrane -- Universal Consciousness -- Universal Consciousness -- Impulse!
Steve Fisk -- Donna Summer on the Radio -- V/A: Regional Zeal : Mouth Music from Olympia, Washington -- Palace of Lights Records
100 Flowers -- Drawing Fire -- Ep -- Happy Squid
*Smoke and Smoke -- how did the cook get his? french kiss
*Deerhoof -- milk man -- Milk Man -- Kill Rock Stars
Stetsasonic -- on fire -- On fire -- Tommy Boy
Other Music -- Compulsive Behavior -- Incidents out of Context -- flying fish
The Ex -- dog tree -- Turn -- Touch & Go
Bobby & Laurie -- you'll come 'round -- (mid 60s aussie rocker) 45 single
The Masonics -- Never so Sad -- 7" Super Electro Sound Recordings
Delroy Wilson -- Put Yourself In My Place -- 45 (on some label that was stamped on that I cannot make out from Kingston, Jamaica)
Volcano Suns -- White Elephant -- All-Night Locust Party -- Homestead Records
Lower Reed Bread Ganng -- s.o.s. -- v/a: In a Sharp Malaised Key 45 (nice mellow instrumental from this Wash, DC group from 1998)
The Pop Group -- The Boys from Brazil -- Y --
The Endtables -- process of elimination -- v/a: Bloodstains across the Midwest
The Professionals -- tghe godfather -- v/a: Status Breaks vol. 2 (nice, funky breaks --but full songs--not just "the breaks")
Marine Girls -- lazy ways -- v/a: Pillows & Prayers -- Cherry Red records 1982
Massacre -- Gate -- Killing Time
Lantei Lamptey -- Noko Nfemi (I'm Suffering) -- 45 African Music Explosion
Alexander Balanescu -- later, the skies clear -- Lume Lume -- Klangpark
Headstones -- Wish She Were Mine -- v/a: Texas Punk 1965-67 McAllan, Texas: Journey Through Pharoah's Valley -- Sicadelic
*Calvin Johnson -- Sorry Entertainer v/a: The late Great Daniel Johnston discovered Uncovered
Jon Thomas -- hey, hey baby -- heartbreak lp
Severed Heads -- petrol -- v/a: beyond the southern cross lp (austrailian/new zealand post-punk 78-83)
*J.O.Y. -- Sunplus -- sunplus ep. -- DFA (good-- sounds like a mix of Slits and Raincoats-- modernized a bit, but dang!)
Red Krayola -- Penny Capitalists -- Corrected Slogans (Art and Language and The Red Krayola) -- Rough Trade
(R) Stiff Little Fingers -- Gotta Get Away -- Hanx! (live album)
Trotsky Icepick -- the light pours out on me (Magazine cover)


Negativland-- we usually start out the show with them, but I mentioned this story over the air --
Lantei Lamptey --incredible afrobeat! Google tells me this guy is originally from Ghana, but now teaches at Penn State (or someone with the same name teaches there). Perhaps I'll look him up one of these days!
--The Headstones -- I am a sucker for any 60s garage rock from Texas.
--I really am into this Severed Heads guy. Can't say much for the record covers-- but this Austrailain guy cranks out (and is still cranking out) some great synthpop driven material.
-- Stiff Little Fingers was a request. I love that in general, our requests are for punk rock-- and I don't mind that at all!-- but it would be really interesting if some random guy called and asked for Archie Shepp. That will never happen.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005



This journal is to document the Radio Ruxpin radio show heard on WMUH 91.7 fm in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Your hosts, Z1 and Z2 will update playlists as they happen and discuss musical recordings of various nature heard on the program.
We will also ocasionally use this as a forum to discuss some of our favored interests--such as thrifting, activism, music, literature, and the like--as well as present tales of our journeys throughout the eastern pa./nj/ny region--in search of that perfect beat! we like towns with character and characters--and records! and cheap diners run by old Polish couples!

These, my comrades--- will all be topics of discussion. So welcome to our blog--

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