Thursday, February 03, 2005


Quarterly CDR Music Club

Well, if you have been checking out the page, you will notice we haven't updated in a couple of weeks.
We were offered a couple of nice slots this semester, but unforuntately they weren't so "nice" to our work/school schedules.
One thing that seperates us from other "collectors" out there is that we love to share music. Instead of hoarding what we think of as gems, we love to share them with listeners , some who have called in from Texas, California, and even Australia (though I sometimes wonder if these out of the area callers are former WMUH personalities--but whatever-- that's awesome either way!).
Well, we have thought it through, and once every calendar season, we would like to create genre specific cdr's-- a mix-- if you will-- of all of our favorites, culling them from some fairly hard to find 45's , lps, 12"s and demos.
we would like to do a series of them--- compilations will include---

Australian/New Zealand post-punk
Texas garage groups of the 60s.
Boston, Mass punk and post-punk of the late 70s and 80s.
Washington, DC bands of past and present
Midwestern "heartland" punk/rock of the 80s (breaking out the Homestead and Twin/Tone records catalogs for this!)
US Power-Pop
Funk 45s
Old-School hip-hop/electro
Golden Age era hip-hop
British Freakbeat/Mod
Latin funk/jazz/boogaloo (including texas, brazil, cuba, nyc, mexico, latin america)
Leftfield Disco
German/European post-punk (fred vom jupiter will be on this!)
Krautrock/German psych
UK art damage/post-punk
Electronic and Avant Garde
World Music :
Latin American
Native American
and ... due to my own musical scene background...
Eastern Pa/NJ punk and hardcore of the 80s and 90s. (spotlighting the Lehigh Valley)

If you want to find out more on how you can obtain these compilations--- please contact me at z.baker (@nospam) @
they will most likely be free of charge. perhaps a dollar or two post-paid. or, if you want to trade mixes-- that's even better!

also-- I mentioned the Lehigh Valley scene-- I just got an e-mail from Frank Foe -- and he just added a ton of mp3s on his website. check it out here---

Peace out--

Z1 and Z2

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