Friday, May 27, 2005


Playlist for 5/20/05

WMUH 91.7 FM -Muhlenberg College
Allentown, Pa.
Friday, May 20th

Negativland -- You must respect copyright -- fair use -- seeland
Rameses -- (How do I speak to the) Earth People -- Space Hymns --- vertigo
GodHeadSilo -- chickenut drive -- skyward in triumph -- sub pop
(N) Dalek -- eyes to form shadows -- absence -- ipecac
(N) Thorny Shorby Nyenwi -- No Wrong Show -- v/a: Afrobaby: the evolution of the Afro-Sound in Nigeria 1970-79 -- Soundway
(N) Milky Wimpshake -- (I'm saving my heart from) you -- Popshaped lp
The Bentleys --Now It's Gone -- 45 -- Devlet (60s garage/fuzz. This track is so catchy. Can't find any information about them. This one came out on a label called Devlet. Anybody know???)
Modern Art -- Dear Dad -- 7" ep (Cleveland, Oh. late-70s art punk. They sort of sound like a cross between other Ohio greats -- Devo and Pere Ubu.)
Ana Hausen -- professionals -- 7" -- Human records (were they of any relation to Au Pairs? They are on the same label.)
The Fascination --
Meredith Monk -- fat stream -- Key lp
Ottawa -- 45 -- (Fooled me once, fooled me twice. Yet another not so great song with Jon Secada like vocals. I bet people listen to the show and think we are a novelty or "ironic" radio show. Proof that some disco sounds great on headphones, but in reality-- is bad.)
Ken Lazarus -- reggae hits -- Federal
(N) Eyeball Skeleton -- Smokey Turtle -- #1 -- my pal god (the brothers from Mayo Elementary score again!)
Def Jef -- Give it Here -- Just a Poet with Soul -- Delicious Vinyl
Shuggie Otis -- xl-30 -- inspiration information
(N) Ezee Tiger
(N)Unrest -- Champion Nines -- Imperial-- teenbeat -- (it appears teenbeat just reissued this great record.)
Replacements -- kicking your door down -- sorry ma, forgot to take out the trash -- twin/tone
(N)Z Trip -- The get down
(N) ZZZ ---
Gun Club -- carry home -- miami -- slash
Natural Decay --- 7"

Notes ---
Just one -- Rameses --- Formed by a guy who saw a vision one day and thought he was a reincarnation of an Egyptian god. His wife (or girlfriend?), who looks like your prototypical 60s blonde beauty hippie Manson Cult member-- sings this song, which is very eerie and spacy with odd noises and reverb in play. She wonders and hazily sings , "How can I speak to the earth people?".


Playlist for 5/13/05

This is just half the playlist for now. For whatever reason, we slacked off this date--but we've got the show recorded so I'll try and post/revise the rest later--

Negativland -- why is this commercial? --Dispepsi -- seeland
Wire --- Mercy -- Chairs Missing
(N) The Evens -- Mt. Pleasant Isn't -- S/t -- dischord
Ottawan -- Rio -- 12" (brazilian disco, would be great if only the Jon Secada style-vocals were not present.)
The Free Design --- Kites are Fun -- Kites are Fun
(N) A-Frames -- Evan Braun -- Black Forest - sub pop
Esquerita -- rockin' the joint -- 45 -- norton
Pointed Sticks -- out of luck -- Perfect Youth
Shuggie Otis --Pling! -- Inspiration Information -- lp
KJ and 'Da Fellas -- Get Retarded (Now go) -- 12"
The Warmers --- Waling Solves It -- s/t -- Dischord
Trend -- Toy Section -- v/a: Break the Rules vol. 9: Rare punk and Powerpop 78-82 lp
(N) Aerial Pink -- artifact --
Michigan & Smiley -- living in a babylon -- lp
Wendy & Bonnie -- the Paisley Window Pane -- Genesis lp


Wire's "Mercy" is an outstanding epic song. We decided to play this one because we misplaced our cd of it -- and we found a copy of Chairs Missing on LP the day previous for a very reasonable deal. Both 'Chairs Missing' and 'Pink Flag' are classic records that should not be slept on. Dare I say they singlehandedly influenced a mix of genres?
--Free Design "Kites are Fun"--- I was out flying a kite with my neice at a nearby park on one of those beautiful, breezy days we had. Sadly, She was not the one flying the kite -- I was. I had a lot of fun with her Snow White kite. It had a long, pink tail on it. Where was my neice in all of this? She was running around, looking at ducks and jumping on a slide, trying to grab some boys attention.
Well, I had fun anyways.
--- Pointed Sticks "Just a guy out of Luck" -- This Canadian punk/power-pop band that sounds like The Dickies --the band performed this song in the highly disturbing Dennis Hopper film "Out of the Blue" . If it wasn't for this band being featured in the movie, I would have had nightmares for days instead of just one night.
-- Esquerita -- the man who Little Richard stole his motif from. This 45 was reissued by Norton.
-- Wendy & Bonnie -- Two teenage sisters (they were the "Flower sisters" -- no lie) from San Francisco who had help from studio musicians. Their career didn't last too long, sadly. The label this came out on (Skye, which was put together by Cal Tjader and some other musicans/record industry people -- failed. And then one of their backing musicians mysteriously died while drunk at a barstool. This lp is reccomended if you like Free Design, Stereolab, Edith Frost, Rebecca Gates even??? Excellent songwriting for such young lads. In our "American Idol" world , their kind of creativity would never be pushed. Truly a artifact of the 60s.)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


A hearty thanks

I am writing this now with my eyes having been dialated and I am seeing things a little blurry across my computer screen --- but...On behalf of my twin, Zach , and myself -- I would like to express a warm thanks to the people who came out to The Evens show on Sunday evening at the Hughes Library in Stroudsburg, Pa.
Since the summer of 1998 we have been doing events sporadically at the library---it has become our favorite spot to do shows. And while we have had fond memories of each event, workshop (music and non-music related) this one has been particulary great in many manners.
First, it was great from a perspective of nearly everyone I saw there (and there was quite a few people in attendance) leave with a smile on thier face. Second, there was a generous showing of monetary donations that exceeded any previous event we have done there. To those that gave, thanks a lot. To those that didn't -- thanks for just being there, but special thanks to those that gave.
I will tell you why it is important to help donate to a public library. Public libraries are in my mind, a foundation of knowledge and culture. Unfortunately, there are sometimes people that would like to see some of that foundation taken away. It isn't even relegated to one political party or group of curmudgeon old blowhards as it would sometimes seem.
So, it was good for the library staff and board to notice that this event was very successful in that manner. The generosity of those who give or can afford to give are appreciated. We already have some ideas in mind for future events, and that money will help maintain that we can do more programs there. Ian told us, "Please keep doing stuff here as long as you can." And, while we will both most likely be leaving this burg within a years time -- we would like to utilize that opportunity while we have it.
Wherever we may be in the future, we would still like to be connected with our community roots --- wether it be by doing shows in the punk spirit, or more workshops, rallies, etc. And if anyone reads this in any locale -- I urge you to not take your local community for granted. If you live in a small town and think no one is like you, you are gravely mistaken. If you think no one would like to see a bunch of small punk bands from a high school play -- you are wrong. Build it up.
My brother and I have seen unfortunately, a lot of people come and go. Not just people who left the area -- that's understandable-- people get jobs, etc. But we have met a lot of "fly by night" kids who used to call us names, say we weren't doing punk shows because they didn't fit a mold or style that they felt comfortable with.
You know what--- forget them. Do what you like. That's what we've always done, and it might not be the most popular with some individuals--- and sometimes you may get a dozen people to show up or you may have a couple of hundred or more show up to a show or event.
Don't let those things about audience draw come first. Of course you want to do your best to try and get people out but making money out of the independent music scene or out of activism is not going to happen too often. I've lost some money here and there on doing this and the only times I've actually made money out of a show was a pure fluke and added up to perhaps a meals worth for 3 or 4 people at a cheap diner.
It is difficult sometimes, and sometimes it can be a real hassle -- but it really is a labor of love and for me comes from the idea that you can share something with your community yourself -- and not have to deal with those major rock clubs. It is important to keep that do it yourself ethic alive. There are a lot of people doing that in this country and here in eastern pa...(read the following paragraph for a somewhat namedrop)...
I would also like to thank Robert and Jeff the Pigeon in Allentown for actually taking the initiative themselves to contact us about how they didn't want to do a show at the same time we were. That was nice and there was indeed a minor amount of crossover in the audience at the show who were going to that one afterwards. So thanks.

So...thanks for everything and I promise I will post those playlists tomorrow (for those that like that sort of thing).

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Important Announcement

just confirmed a few minutes ago...(late confirmation, but eh..whatcha gonna do?)
STROUDSBURG, PA (ie: this show is closer to you than the philly show--- plus it is free and you can chill in the pokeys and we offer free refreshments)

Sunday May 22nd
doors @ 6pm
show starts by 7pm
all ages
free* donations strongly encouraged. please make us look good here!!!
An evening with...
(dischord records. wash. dc. ian mackaye and amy farina) for directions
or e-mail --
z.baker @ (no spam)

thanks, help spread the word. eastern pa people (lehigh valley, wilkes-barre, poconos) and northern nj too -- i'm looking for your help to spread the word. tell all your friends, pass this along to your e-mail pals, your "blogs" -- what have you.
i'll be passing out flyers for the next few days.

Friday, May 06, 2005


Playlist for 5/6/05 "Back for Summer" (a 50 degree start)

91.7 fm WMUH allentown
* = request

(N) Eyeball Skeleton -- bouncing apes -- #1 -- my pal god
Lizzy Mercier Descloux -- jim on the move -- Press Color -- Ze
Barundi Black -- second part -- 12" (catchalot)
(N) Shipping News --- (moray on) demon -- flies the fields -- quarterstick
John Asbery w/ Ann Lauterbach -- Liturgy -- v/a: Sugar, Alcohol, and Meat : The Dial-A-Poem Poets 2xlp -- Giorno Poetry Systems
---- (on -air break music --- Music Boxes of Long Ago: swiss and american music boxes of the 19th century -- Cook Records 10") -----
Rory Storm and the Hurricans -- I can Tell -- v/a: The Exciting New Liverpool Sound: The Authentic Merseybeat recorded in Liverpool, England (mid-60s merseybeat compilation on Columbia)
The Gories -- ghost rider -- v/a: Invitation to Suicide 2x7" (Get Hip -- early 90s garage punk tribute to Suicide)
Lemon Kittens -- Funky 7 -- V/A: Hoisting the Black Flag (1980. United Dairies w/ Nurse with Wound , Whitehouse, etc)
The Balinese Gamelan - Gender Wayung: Anasarun : Music from the Morning of the World (Nonesuch Explorer)
(N) Burmese -- thumbsucker -- Men -- Load
Father & Sons -- Soul in the Bowl (part 2) -- 45 (nice dirty r&b instro)
Jamaica Girls -- rock the beat -- 12" (early 80s disco/electro)
Grade A (Otis Brown's Grade A)-- Strut On -- 12" -- OTB
Medium Medium -- Mice or Monsters -- The Glitterhouse -- Cherry Red/Cachalot
(N) A-Frames -- Galena -- Black Forest --- sub pop
(N) Solex -- yadda yadda -- the laughing joke of indie rock
The Limit -- Do It -- 7" -- survival (1981. post-punk/synth from UK?)
Sightings -- canadian revival -- absolutes --riot season
Guitar Wolf -- kung-fu ramones -- v/a: Tokyo Trashville
(N) Brother JT -- Message to the Clerk v/a: A second tribute to JANDEK : Down in A mirror
The Remains -- Why do I Cry? -- 45
(N) French Toast -- New Dub -- In a Care -- Dischord
Fresh Three MCs -- A few Minutes More -- 12" -- profile
(N)* Caribou -- Kite -- The Milk of Human Kindness

--- Eyeball Skeleton are a group of young grade school brothers and thier father on drums/drum machine. I first heard about them a year and a half ago thanks to Jon Solomon's show on WPRB, who would play thier then demo cdr singles -- eventually leading to on-air appearance on Dr. Cosmo's show. Since then, things have blown up for the boys from Mayo Elementary -- and they have a record out on Jon's label -- My Pal God.It really is #1! and "the Bouncing apes" was the first song played on today's show! Please, check out thier website at or order thier record at:

--- The poetry trac "Liturgy" by John Asbery w/ Ann Lauterbach, as found on the Dial-A-Poem Poets 2xlp "Sugar, Alcohol, and Meat -- can be found, along with practically all Dial-A-Poem poetry readings put out by John Giorno online in FREE MP3 format at: . There, you can find a bunch of recordings from poets, performance artists, and avant-garde musicians -- all archived. So, instead of calling up a hotline that no longer exists, you can just type in the address bar , and there you go!
The record played on today's show was also from the Mr. Mark collection that can be found tucked away safely at the station. The late Mr. Mark was a man who left his "mark" on WMUH, and was known for his witty, surrealistc stories. He was a genius. If only he was to have had his work on the Giorno site!
---A-Frames -- heard this record like twice today after the radio show when chilling out at Double Decker, and it sunk in. I officially think this is the best "new release" of the week.
--- The Remains -- were a fantastic garage band from the mid-60s. Story behind that one is that that rare single was found for free -- and it was stamped WEEX , a radio station out of Easton, Pa. that Idle Rich tells me now has some sort of sport radio affiliation these days -- and that the single may never have been played before -- as they used cart machines exclusively to play music on,
-- See you next week! It's great to be back on the air!
-- Vague Angels (Chris Leo) show this mother's day at the Pirate's Cove in Allentown!

-Z1 and 2.

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