Friday, September 30, 2005


A update of Sorts

I do not want this to become an "invalid" blog -- So I thought I'd update you all on some things.
Zach is student teaching, tutoring and doing fill-ins at the library, and Zeke is...well, he's been busy doing various things that I'd like to think of as helping others and helping himself.
As you can also expect, we haven't lost our knack for scouring thrifts, fleas, and auctions to unearth recordings that you will probably eventually hear (some of) on the radio show. We haven't had a radio show since August, and I'd love to get back on the air--but for now--it will wait.
I will post up a story with photos on some more of our interesting finds as of late--so if you are into prehistoric will hopefully be amused.

Also, we had a great time hosting a show at the Hughes Library in Stroudsburg for three great area bands. I do not want to cut anyone short, but I have to say---Dragon Turtle Ensemble was incredible. The Ensemble was composed of 11 people and the audience (much larger than I ever imagined for it being all local-ish --which made me ecstatic)loved it. I am also digging the fact that we are getting a decent amount of people of all ages attending these shows of recent. High school age kids (though there might have been a couple) are largely missing for whatever reason--but it's great seeing senior citizens chilling with 20 somethings and middle aged people with young children.
Well-- I should mention that the Pirate's Cove in Allentown will be saying goodbye on OCT. 29th. I think a reunited Ultimate Warriors (members now in Pissed Jeans, Pearls and Brass,etc) is supposed to play. That will be a lot of fun. The Cove was a great place for house shows. A non-intimidating atmosphere, no extremely obnoxious people probably mostly due to thier no drinking/drugs policy--a all around safe place to do shows. The kids that live there have been really smart about what they do and how they have done things.
I plan on being there--and if you are in the eastern pa. area--so should you.
Also--We hooked our friend up with setting up a show at Double Decker Records for October 27th-- I think the show should get underway by 6:30pm.
The bands playing will be: Calvin Johnson (Olympia, Wa.;K Records Owner), Old Time Relijun (Oly, wa./portland,or?)awesome band, K records) and Tender Forever.
Should be fun...
and that's all for now.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


WMUH Playlist for 8/19/05 -- Last Show of Summer

Negativland -- free -- freedom's waiting
Swell Maps -- international rescue
tuxedomoon -- where interests lie -- scream with view
peter baumann -- phase by phase -- baumann 76
(n) Quintron and Miss Pussycat -- shoplifted
Prinstar w/ the Skylers--- ??? -- (Prinstar was a georgeous singer from Singapore in the 1960s - she was backed by a famous r&b/garage band from Singapore called the Skylers)
Otis Redding -- let me come on home --
ivy green -- i think we're gonna make it
Andy & Joey -- wonder no more -- v/a: jamaican ska
Norman Rosten -- electric chair -- poetry of norman roseten (folkways)
Jack Wright -- sax & drums -- free life, sing
The Ex -- frenzy -- starters & alternators
Dancing Cigarettes -- track 2 (excerpt--sorry disc malfunctioned)
Rites of Spring -- there -- s/t
(n) Pissed Jeans -- I'm Sick -- s/rt (allentown's own!)
Dirtbombs -- she blinded me with playtex-- horndog fest
Gang of Four -- damaged goods (live) -- gang bang (bootleg)
(n) Portastatic -- white wall --
The Jam -- thick as theives
Johnnie and Joe -- my boys gone on now -- 45
(n) The Ponys -- another wound (not shabby-- but i'm getting a bit tired of the robert smith nasal whine meets ian curtis meets david byrne warble vocals of a lot of bands these days)
Sinn Sissamouth sound of the drums --v/a: cambodian rocks
(n) Orange Juice -- falling and laughs -- the glasgow school (excellent)
Pere Ubu -- final solution 00 v/a: max's kansas city
Lewis & Clarke --???--

--This was the last one of the summer -- see y'all sometime soon!!!


WMUH Playlist for 8/12/05

Husker Du -- Celebrated Summer
Purrkur Pillnik -- excuse me/surprise -- V/A: Geyser: The Icelandinc Independent Music Scene of the Eighties
IQU with Miranda July -- Girls on Dates -- Girls on Dates ep
Manu Dibango -- New bell -- Soul Makossa
Neon Judgement -- t.v. treated -- 1981-1984
(n) Matson Jones -- n.e.s.f.f.o? -s/t
Ghetto Reality -- James Brown -- Ghetto Reality (folkways)
Sonny Hines -- Nothing like your love -- 45
Ricardo his saxophone and Orchestra -- last tango in paris --""
(n) Medications -- ...or at least as bad -- your favorite people all in one place
New Age Steppers -- state assembly -- massive hits.. vol.1
Eddie Maelov & Sunshine Pattern -- at the cabaret -- 12" ep
Coyle & Sharpe -- three-ism -- audio visionaries
the Bloods -- button up -- v/a: New York Noise
Talulah Gosh -- strawberry girl -- 12" ep
Computer Cougar -- the 8 months --- rough notes on high stress
Breadwinner--"" --burnt
Earwigs -- freedom -- v/a: keats rides a harley

Ghetto Reality was the brainchild of a inncercity school teacher named Nancy Dupree in Rochester, New York around 1970. She composed most of the songs, but had her students perform them. The sounds are like a kid-funk band and listening to it, you can tell the excitement and fun both the teacher and the kids were having. This came out on folkways and I had been looking for this one for the past few years. Finally---I found it in my travels.

---Coyle & Sharpe -- were two guys that used people in the Bay Area of San Francisco for gags and put-ons in the 1950s and early 60s. These weren't ordinary put-ons and pranks. THey thought up some of the most absurd ideas. for more information (including real audio files) go to :

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